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viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Are you ready for TEFAF?

March 2011 - We are writing to bring you up to date with the latest news on TEFAF 2011 (18-27 March) opening next week in Maastricht in the southern Netherlands. TEFAF is the world's most influential art and antiques fair. This year's edition will host 260 exhibitors from 16 countries in nine sections.

Thalys takes you to TEFAF!

Thalys Thalys offers TEFAF visitors coming from Paris a single train ticket from Paris Gare du Nord to Maastricht Central Station, valid for both the Thalys train to Liège-Guillemins and the connecting intercity service to Maastricht Central Station. Thalys enables you to travel to Maastricht in under three hours, six times a day. Visitors may benefit from a discount when travelling in March. More information

TEFAF's Concierge Service

Conquesta TEFAF's Concierge Service is run by Con Questa. It can assist you in finding hotel accommodation, top level dining and entertainment, art consultants or any other service you require. Please note that these services come at a charge. Feel free to contact Con Questa at any time for queries and/or bookings. More information

During TEFAF

DuringTEFAF A range of cultural events and special activities take place in Maastricht during TEFAF. From concerts to lectures and exhibitions within the Fair as well as in and around Maastricht. The 'During TEFAF' festival offers an international programme of dance, jazz, classical music and theatre lasting the whole evening. Tickets are still available and can be booked online. More information

Dinner in 90 minutes in Maastricht

90mindiner A variety of excellent restaurants, bars and cafés can be found in Maastricht and the surrounding area. Reservations can be made at the information desk of the Fair. A number of restaurants have committed themselves to serving a quick meal within 90 minutes. They are recognizable by their 90 Minutes sticker. More information

AXA Art is principal sponsor of TEFAF

AXA_Art Visitors to the AXA Art Lounge at TEFAF will be invited to 'walk on water'. They will be introduced to scenarios that document how humidity, moisture and mould can dramatically impact on the condition of collected artefacts. The demonstration will focus specifically on works on paper and fine art photography. More information

TEFAF supports international cancer research

Since 2004 TEFAF Maastricht has supported international cancer research by funding a special Chair of Oncology at Maastricht University Medical Centre. More information

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