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jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

Freelance Courses Manager, Montage Theatre Arts

London Closes Monday 30 June 2014 Paid (£15k-20k pro rata) Part time Artform: combined arts, dance, theatre, Other   Contact: Sarah Walsh


Montage Theatre Arts (MTA) is a charity based in Deptford, south-east London and was founded by Artistic Director, Judy Gordon. It is Lewisham’s only revenue-funded arts organisation in the Brockley Ward. The company runs up to 33 weekly classes in performing arts plus holiday courses for young people and the elderly from the local community.  With a respected track record for offering excellent and vital opportunities, MTA continues to  help people from a highly deprived areas acquire techniques and skills, develop confidence and social ability, whilst also breaking down barriers between cultural groups and the generations.

This is a superb opportunity for you to develop yours skills and experience for organisation with an exciting future. You will be able to innovate in areas such as class and volunteer management, administration and operational duties.

Contract: Freelance temporary contract for academic year 2014/2015
: £147.50 per week
Hours: 14.75 hours per week inc: Mon, Tue, Fri and Sat.  Additional hours may be required for events and workshops but this will be agreed in advance

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